Supernova USA?

In the wee hours, early Sunday morning, I experienced a rather striking dream.  It was an exceptionally lucid, tactile dream.  I had the sense that it took place in the foreseeable future, but it was not necessarily prophetic.  In hindsight, the dream was metaphorical.  There was a great deal of tension and drama along with the very colorful, graphic images.

The beginning of the dream featured a hovercraft vehicle painted with dark green camo blotches. A prominantly displayed symbol or logo was very similar to that of the ultra conservative Russian Unity movement.  A variant of the swastika in style.

The hovercraft was in pursuit of an old Greyhound Scenicruiser busload of regular folks.  I was one of the passengers sitting in the front row, right behind the bus driver.  I noticed the communications device displayed the same logo as the hovercraft’s.  I intuitively knew that the logo was the that of a computer corporation in Texas.  As in many dreams, the plot revealed itself non-verbally.  I had the feeling that the bus was heading to western Canada and that the hovercraft was trying to prevent us from reaching our destination.


The border was just ahead, then the hovercraft’s mechanical arms lifted the bus from the highway.  There was a segue in scene as the bus was placed on top of a factory in Idaho.  It turned out to be a forced labor camp where the inmates had to assemble robots and bombs.  If any worker disobeyed or performed his duties wrong, an electrical shock was administered by the robot plant supervisor.

I figured that if I could find the power source, then I would be able to disable the evil factory.  Another dream segue had me crawling towards a large power cord and three prong plug.  I had just grasped it to pull it out of the outlet when a smaller version of a hovercraft fired a laser at me.  At that point the building exploded and I woke up from the dream.

Upon awakening, I had the distinct feeling that I had nearly defeated the corporation that had usurped the citizens’ power and had taken control of the USA by coup d’état. At least that was the interpretation of my dream.

I thought about how there has been an ongoing struggle between corporate power and democracy in the US since the founding of the republic.  Indeed, our war of independence was waged to throw off the shackles imposed by the East India Company and empowered by Great Britain.

Ever since independence, corporations have made steady gains in their efforts to control the nation.  They almost succeeded in the late 19th Century.  It looks like they’re about to clinch it here in the early 21st Century.

Where will all of this lead?  Will the desire for world domination consume all the world’s resources until the earth figuratively and maybe actually implodes?  This scenario is like that of a star that has used all of its hydrogen fuel, then implodes, and finally explodes in a burst of supernova brilliance.  I don’t know.  Those were my thoughts upon awakening from the dream.


The Blue Jay of Happiness hopes our future is one of cooperation and peace.


About swabby429

An eclectic guy who likes to observe the world around him and comment about those observations.
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