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I stepped onto the front porch slab a few minutes before bedtime. The night time weather was unusually mild and pleasant for late June; especially since the afternoon had been quite windy. I visually surveyed the neighborhood and took in … Continue reading

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Happy Camera Day

I finally decided to retire the old Kodak “Pocket Instamatic” on a chilly October day in 1981. I was tired of paying for fuzzy prints, expensive drop-in film cartridges and Flashcubes.” I remember browsing the selection of new and used … Continue reading

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Progress In Life

Yesterday’s “Progress Report” post got me to thinking about personal progress that millions of people strive for each day. Each of us have individual dreams and goals. We plan for our and our families’ comfort and safety. Some of us … Continue reading

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A Progress Report

I have never, ever repaired windows until now. Prior to this year, cleaning the glass was the extent of my window maintenance efforts. After purchasing my home from the landlord, early this year, the window repair has loomed as a … Continue reading

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This ‘N That …Floral Friday

The wild “Solomon Seal” flowers have probably thrived in the grove of trees for many years. I only discovered several of the plants because the angle of the sunbeams through the tree branches created a spotlight effect upon them. My … Continue reading

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Noticing Insects

There was a very slight tickle on the skin about an inch above my wristwatch. I glanced at the left arm and noticed the mosquito dining on my lifeblood. I studied the little creature for a few moments then flicked … Continue reading

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Sense Aware

We seem to be having many more days and nights of high wind warnings lately. I do not recall the National Weather Service warning us of the possibility of wind speeds of over 50-miles-an-hour with such frequency. Their forecasts have … Continue reading

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