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What About Familiarity?

To be familiar with someone or something can bring complacency or comfort depending upon the situation and level of awareness. This thought came to me a couple of weeks ago while observing some of my fellow Norfolkans milling around in … Continue reading

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Such Folly

During a discussion about Space travel yesterday an acquaintance, Chuck claimed that humans settling on Mars is a folly. The conversation went quiet for awhile as the rest of us were taken aback by Chuck’s use of the word “folly”. … Continue reading

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Glad And Special …Floral Friday

It was time to rearrange and re-stack the storage totes in the basement this week. While doing that chore, I checked the contents of a few of the totes. Thank goodness for that decision because a few vases I haven’t … Continue reading

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Weedy Thoughts

Last summer, Chuck, the across the street neighbor, hired a lawn service to seed grass, fertilize his yard and kill the weeds. I think Chuck should insist upon a refund because the yard now looks haggard and decrepit. At least … Continue reading

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“Until we stop harming one another and other sentient beings we will remain savages.” The saying from my old guru goes to the heart of high ethical standards. High standards, looked at from a different angle is etiquette. Emily Post … Continue reading

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Cautiously Optimistic

Yesterday began as a stereotypical Monday. There were a few things that weren’t working properly. In addition to the technical difficulties, “mild” headache enabled mindless pessimism and an owly demeanor.┬áThen, as I peered through the venetian blinds, I noticed the … Continue reading

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A Few Thoughts About Democracy

No, the United States is not the world’s largest democracy. That honor goes to India. This makes sense by virtue of population size. Strictly speaking, there actually no purely democratic nations. The U.S. India, and most of the non-dictatorial nations … Continue reading

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