Musical Bowls …Floral Friday

For the last day of the first month, using freshly polished crystal bowls seemed like a good idea. Today we have two clear large bowls and one smaller tinted bowl.  All three give pleasing musical tones when gently hit.

No manufacturer was indicated but a small foil sticker on the base of the large spherical bowl said, “Made in Turkey”. When empty and flicked with a fingernail, the piece emits a long-lasting bass ring. The manufactured spherical deco fill reflects the basic simplicity of the bowl.

Despite its red-tinted coating, the smaller Italian bowl vase has a high-pitched musical tone when flicked or tapped.  The classic vase shape rang out for a complex, variety arrangement.

The Målerås Swedish fine crystal compote is a medium-large bowl. When it’s flicked with the fingernail, the piece sounds like a large church bell. The tone resonates for several seconds afterwards. I filled the stemmed bowl with large seed pods and pine cones. The bowl can be quickly emptied whenever I want to listen to the bowl then refilled afterwards.

The Blue Jay of Happiness quotes the British comedian who died of a heart attack on live TV, Tommy Cooper. “A friend of mine drowned in a bowl of muesli. A strong currant pulled him in.”

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