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I posit that habits are the ambient, white noise that masks true realism and prevents us from full perception. The habits may be “bad” or “good”. Obviously, harmful habits such as tobacco smoking and eating late at night can cause … Continue reading

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On Pleasure

I like to notice when digital clocks display the same number across the entire display such as 5:55:55 or 3:33:33. I experienced particular enjoyment eleven years ago when the time, month, and date read, “11:11:11 11/11”. I felt somewhat disappointed … Continue reading

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Creative Living

There’s the matter of joy that arises from creating something each day. At least this is something my friends group and I have noticed and encouraged over the past several years. Jonathan enjoys tweaking retail displays at his job. Andrew … Continue reading

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This blog is pretty much a product of habitual behavior. If you scroll through the “Flying to past posts” column, you’ll notice that I have written and posted something every day since February 2011. That column doesn’t explain the whole … Continue reading

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Routine can be boring or helpful according to its context. When we think about routine days it might be in regards to everyday tasks we must perform out of obligation. Routine can be helpful and not necessarily boring when applied … Continue reading

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Thinking About My Habits

I awakened yesterday morning feeling refreshed and eager to begin the day. Sitting at the edge of the bed, I watched the minutes display on the alarm clock, waiting for :24 to become :25. This is something I do on … Continue reading

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Out Of Habit

I drove the ol’ Camry into the garage, switched off the engine, and thanked the car for a safe, pleasant journey. These mundane actions are what I do without much awareness after arriving home from an out-of-town trip. Yesterday, my … Continue reading

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