Fun Finds …Floral Friday

Who doesn’t like to discover things?  Better yet, when we find a ready use for the discovery, don’t we feel even happier?  This happens frequently to me.  Accidental finds are my cheap thrills.

Images are clickable.

Images are clickable.

During a recent walk-through of the local Goodwill Store, I spied a unique wallpocket vase.  The funky teakettle hanging with the homely message brightens up the wall at the kitchen sink.  This arrangement features mums and peruvian lilies.FF092515c

A day later, in the same store, I stumbled across a vintage vase with asymmetrical handle placement. I held it for a few moments and instantly visualized how it should be filled. A bunch of grapes was part of the idea.


While mowing the yard and the adjacent city property this week, I spotted what at first looked like an old can hidden at the street gutter.  Then, I realized it’s a steel flower pot.  My first impulse was to throw it into the garbage. Instead, I set it on my driveway while I finished mowing.  As I mowed, I realized I could sanitize the old planter and straighten the foot.  Later, after I disinfected the planter, I knew it would be perfect for a “shabby chic” design.  It’s still rusty, and a bit bent, but that’s OK.


Yesterday, I was searching the basement for a misplaced gadget. While looking through a forgotten crate, I noticed an old glass porch light “globe” or cover. Right away, I thought, “This would make a great vase.” After it was cleaned, I filled it with echinacea blooms and a few other blooms. When I get tired of this, I’ll swap it out with the light globe presently near my front door.

mini-meThe Blue Jay of Happiness likes to hang out at antiques shops and thrift stores.

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