India Republic Day

Today is a fine day to spend in New Delhi. The city and the rest of India will be in best form to celebrate their 62nd year as the world’s largest democracy. It was on January 26, 1950 that the Indian Constitution was formally accepted. Unlike the United States, which mainly celebrates Independence Day, India commemorates the historical milestone of the adoption of its constitution.


India’s Independence Day is held on August 15th each year. The nation celebrates its rocky split from the rule of Great Britain that happened August 15, 1947 as it once again became a sovereign nation. So Independence Day celebrates the nation becoming free from Britain, Republic Day remembers the day the nation became a democratic republic with its very own constitution.

In a limited respect the constitution became effective on November 26, 1949 after being passed into law. On January 24th of the following year, two hand written copies of the Constitution were signed by the 308 members of the constitutional delegation. One copy was in English the other written in Hindi. Then, two days later, the full force of the Constitution went into effect.

One reason for the delay is because the Indian National Congress Party and some others already had started the tradition of celebrating January 26th as their symbol of Independence and solidarity even before the split from Britain. That means today has more than one meaning to Indians.

Because the Indians had both the British documents and the U.S. Constitution available for study, their Constitution has been regarded by many experts as a more fair and effective document than any previous constitutions.


The official celebrations of Republic Day include parades in New Delhi and in the state capitols. A wreath is laid at the memorial at India Gate as a tribute to unknown soldiers. The symbolic flag raising is given especial attention.

Today I want to wish my friends and acquaintances in India a very meaningful and happy Republic Day.


The Blue Jay of Happiness salutes the ideals of freedom made manifest in the world’s largest democratic republic.

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