The smirk on my personal trainer’s face made the accomplishment sweeter.  I know that I was grinning ear to ear when it happened.  When the event clicked officially into place, the energy in the gym seemed to glow as fellow gym rats came by to shake my hand or slap me on my sweaty back.

Yes, this morning at 6:02 AM CDT, I surpassed 10,000 miles on the Expresso Bikes at the Norfolk YMCA.  Actually the mileage tally officially says 10,003 miles.

The morning workout was much shorter than usual.  Yesterday, I had intentionally saved the last 15 miles.  I could have probably struggled through at that time, but I would have needed a workout of 48 miles to do so.  That would have been too much.  It could have caused an injury or exhaustion.  So, I saved the last stretch for a clinch today.  Speed was intentionally not attempted.  The excitement had already pumped up my metabolism and heartrate considerably.  I wanted to live through the event.

The achievement of a long-term goal is more than exciting.  Exhilarating is more like it.  At one point, I thought I was going to pass out.  That’s when I went into workout meditation mode and specifically concentrated on my breath.

Thankfully, one of my fellow gym rats finally came along and took the bike next to me.  I told her that she would be my workout witness for my big day.  She smiled and cheerfully agreed to do so.  About 10-minutes later, I showed her the final tally screen on the bike.  The reading was 10,001.33 miles.

I said I would take a short route as a victory lap to make certain that the server in Sunnyvale locked in my mileage.  Just to stay on the safe side.  Hence, the 10,003 accumulated mileage total.

Folks started to ask what my next big thing will be.  I simply said that I could now focus on well-rounded workouts.  My next major goals would be those done outside of the gym.  I let them know that I will continue my gym rat status and that I will still ride the Expresso Bikes, albeit shorter routes with no record breaking planned.  If speed records happen, they will be spur of the moment events.

Lesson learned?  Stay with your dream and don’t be afraid to follow through.


The Blue Jay of Happiness thinks this will be a mighty fine day to celebrate life.

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