Extreme Oldies …Floral Friday

The start of the new month, in the springtime, is great for sprouting into new directions.  Even playing around with vintage pottery can bring on new ideas.  I decided to bring out a fresh approach to some vessels that were avant garde in their day.  This is not the day when you’ll find me pining for anything traditional.


This McCoy Arcature vase was considered to be a modernist inspired piece back in 1951.  The hollow square, frames the little red figurine bird that could be a stand alone decoration on a shelf.  My intuition prodded me to utilize some succulent plants for a somewhat quirky styling.  The result is fun and eclectic.

click for larger version

click for larger version

Nemadji pottery is known for its random swirly glazes, each piece is unique.  This four-footed planter strikes me as freakish.  I gave myself permission to be unconventional and quirky in the process of filling it up.  To a more or less geometric base of Gerbera daisies, I tried to echo the technological organic nature of the glaze design.

The green Brush ceramic basket seems like an anomaly to me.  The piece is really quite old, but its smooth shapes and details come off as contemporary.  In the past, I’ve used it as the base for very conventional arrangements of spring flowers and romantic stylings.  This week, I decided to try something totally masculine and unexpected.  I was instantly pleased with the result.


These idea starters will hopefully inspire you to think outside of the box, today.


The Blue Jay of Happiness is never in the mood for shallowness nor closed-mindedness.  His world has few boundaries.

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An eclectic guy who likes to observe the world around him and comment about those observations.
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