Anyone or any creature in the vicinity of Bodaybo Russia in Siberia ten years ago, today at about 10:00pm Bodaybo time would have certainly seen and heard a major collision between the earth and a large object from outer space. The resulting explosion was powerful enough to be detected by military defense satellites.

Various experts tried to estimate how strong the explosion was.  American military scientists believed it was as powerful as a quarter to a half kiloton.  Physicist Andrey Olkhovatov of Russia had figures of four to five kilotons.  That sort of energy release brings to mind an atomic bomb.

Comparisons have been made of the 2002 explosion to that which took place in 1908, also in Russia’s Siberian region.  The Tunguska Event is famous for leveling forest land of about 60,000,000 trees. The most authoritative studies have explained that the Tunguska destruction was caused by the airburst of a very large meteor about ten kilometres above ground.  Judging by the residual damage, some scientists estimate the power of the Tunguska explosion to be anywhere from ten to 15 megatons.

While the more recent event near Bodaybo may have been destructive, the incoming object was not a meteor.  Astronomical experts agree that the impact was more likely an object known as a bolide.  We know a bolide by its common name, a comet nucleus.

Officials and scientists took water and snow samples from the Bodaybo vicinity.  The analysis revealed an abnormally high count of tritium molecules.  There was also an elevated amount of radioactive cobalt and cesium.  The expedition leader V.A. Chemobrov concluded that the Bodaybo Event was likely caused by a comet nucleus with a diameter of more than 50-metres and perhaps as large as 100-metres.

I have personally seen one large meteor flyby.  It made me wonder just how many close calls earth has had with large rocks and comets.  I recall reading stories about the Alamo Bolide Event of 370,000,000 years ago. That was when one or more large objects like comet nuclei pounded the area we know as the state of Nevada in the United States. Experts believe the Alamo Bolide Event ended the age of fishes on earth.

It gives me pause that in just a moment’s time, the age of the humans could also come to an abrupt end. The sobering thought is a reminder of the vastness and power of the universe.


The Blue Jay of Happiness wants to know why most of these large events seem to happen in Russia.

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3 Responses to Kaboom!

  1. Raunak says:

    and I want to know why these things never happen in India. You would think that 1.2 billion people would sight something unusual once in a while!

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