Personal Transformation

If we are tuned into our intuition, we may have an inkling that something major is about to occur. We have a sense that we need to make plans to minimize the damage that will likely happen. Even if our hunches do not indicate some catastrophe, we might admit that we are resisting change or in denial about changes already in progress. We may be clinging to outmoded belief systems regardless of whether or not they are healthy or relevant to us.

Although we feel resistant to change, we understand that it is necessary to take care of business and learn from difficulty and remedy our shortcomings so as to make progress in life. We intuit that if we continue to deny the inevitable, it will find a way to be present in more insidious ways. No level of denial or hiding will make it disappear. The problem will likely become more severe the longer we procrastinate. If the problem is neglected altogether, the result might be surprisingly severe.

For instance, let’s just say that I am going through a significant spell of personal upheaval that entails both external circumstances and internal attitudes. The scenario feels forced upon me so remedial measures must be taken. The scenario forces me to call into question some fundamental beliefs, meanings, purpose, and values. This may cause a major paradigm shift which, in turn, might change my opinions about major topics. In a more profound sense, this upheaval may trigger an existential crisis, whereby I question my life’s purpose. While this could be an unsettling time, I place trust in the process and mindfully monitor my responses through contemplation and journaling. Throughout the stream of events, I accept and allow transformation hopefully into an evolved version of who I am.

Although I am not going through such a period right now, such pain and turmoil has happened in the past. Such things happen to most of us human beings. We are thrown into serious circumstances and given wake-up calls to heed our inner guidance. We may even be able to foresee further serious problems and take preventative measures before worse problems spring up. In other words, these crises are our opportunities to break free from old thinking that has held us back. Further evaluation enables us to seriously consider fresh outlooks.

Fortunately, we don’t always have to wait for dire circumstances to force us awake. If we are already living a mindful lifestyle, we are more likely to receive early warnings, then take steps to avoid or minimize future damage. Change will occur without traumatic shock.

As we allow the old ways self-destruct it is time to re-focus on the new reality. We can see that change is not necessarily happening to us but life is just happening. With this attitude change, we are better able to ride the wave of change to our best advantage. With an aware state of mind we realize new perspectives we previously did not understand or knew even existed. The anxiety and pain will eventually subside. Acceptance will reveal positive opportunities and options. We can then choose how to use these to further our inner growth and further evolve into the best versions of ourselves.


The Blue Jay of Happiness quotes author and licensed therapist, Nedra Glover Tawwab. “Permit yourself to change your mind when something is no longer working for you.”

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5 Responses to Personal Transformation

  1. Jeff Flesch says:

    Excellent. Having lived on both sides of this intuitive knowing, I feel this post deeply. “If we are already living a mindful lifestyle, we are more likely to receive early warnings, then take steps to avoid or minimize future damage. Change will occur without traumatic shock” So true.

  2. Important ruminations. And I completely agree with you Jay and Jeff above. If one is tuned enough to elements around and are aware of days and activities; signs, signals can be deciphered to some extent. Thank you for sharing.

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