Pour la Plupart Jaune …Floral Friday

Images are clickable.

Images are clickable.

I clicked on one of those silly Facebook quizzes the other day because I’m sort of hooked on them. Their assessments of personality and preferences are amusing in the same way that newspaper horoscopes are. This particular test purported to tell me my favorite color is yellow.

The short description on the result page said that people who prefer yellow are happy, imaginative, and wise. Yellow goes with a sunny, humorous personality. Yellow preference goes with FF100914dfreedom of action and thought. I liked what had come up for this color. Why not play around with it? Why not do so for Floral Friday?

I hunted down some yellow containers and set about to fill them with the happy color. A brilliantly simple California Pottery oval planter screamed for a complex arrangement of variety. I offset the smooth pot with plenty of texture in the plantings.

I though binary when I went to work on the bamboo styled Shawnee planter. The cube-like shape is offset with the overt roundness of the Gerbera Daisy. Variations of line and curve fill out this fun composition.

FF100914eWhen a painter adds a hint of red into yellow, rust or orange results. Hints of that show up in the tall arrangement of grass and blooms in this medium size Haeger urn planter. I ended up placing this arrangement onto my desk as an energetic accent.

One of my favorite McCoy jardinières features a mustard yellow glaze. I decided to go with an Autumn theme FF100914hthis time. I placed some wheatgrass in the center then built up a shape around the column with brighter rust and yellows. The rural theme comes through strongly.

What is your favorite color? What is a color you want to explore? Go for it.

sunfloThe Blue Jay of Happiness actually prefers red. The quizzes say that red translates into a zest for life.

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