Miniatures …Floral Friday

Who has not enjoyed miniature things?  Little children are delighted with toy replicas that depict much larger objects.  Dolls and minatures have been collectables for many of us for a long time.  There is even the obsession with minature electronic devices. Year after year people develop smaller versions of stuff.  I’ve happily gone along with this social trend much of my life.  Like many folks, I think minature objects are fascinating and attractive.


The carved wooden bear was probably intended as a holder for votive candles.  I don’t think its smart to use a paper dry, wooden carving to hold a burning candle. Instead, it seems like a perfect container for small, fill flowers.  An iPod Shuffle music player demonstrates the scale of size.


The remaining photos show salesman samples of domestic pottery. Years ago, many pottery companies provided miniatures that travelling sales representatives used to demonstrate shapes and finish of merchandise to retailers.

The little three footed beige pot was probably used as a toothpick holder by its previous owner, but I saw it as a place to create a miniature posey.  I included the coffee mug in the photo in the hopes that one of my readers can identify the meaning of the religious iconography that is depicted.  I’m guessing the illustrations are of Middle Eastern origin.


The coral color Ewer pitcher stands about six-inches tall. It inspired a tropical theme. The miniature was manufactured by Poppytrail ceramics, a division of Metlox Pottery of Manhattan Beach, California.


At seven inches, the mustard yellow Shawnee bud vase barely qualifies as a minature.  The piece is one of my favorite examples of Art Deco inspired domestic ware.  The miniature vacuum cleaner is powered by two C cell batteries. It actually picks up crumbs and dust particles.  It works well on my laptop’s keyboard.

mini-moiThe Blue Jay of Happiness likes this twisted quote from cartoonist Matt Groening: “Love is a perky elf dancing a merry little jig, and then, suddenly, he turns on you with a miniature machine gun.”


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