Humble Holiday Prep …Floral Friday

2015 has been an emotionally trying year for yours truly so I’m keeping the final month low key.  The money I would normally spend on decorations will be directed towards charity and other priorities.  I don’t mention this to point out any special personal attribute.  I’m expressing how I wish to celebrate the holiday season.

December, especially the latter half, is a non-sectarian time of year in my home.  I honor many spiritual and secular traditions that various people enjoy at the conclusion of the calendar.  I’m one of those people who wish people “Seasons Greetings” or “Happy Holidays”.  My friends understand that the particular holiday I celebrate is Bodhi Day.


This year, my little house will be decorated with very basic, easy touches that reflect my joy, yet do not overwhelm the senses.  This is exactly what I want to convey.

I used a small styrofoam ring as the base for artificial greenery. To fill out the theme, small, faux crabapples and clusters of plastic berries were placed evenly around the arrangement. The copper dish carries through the rich theme.  The flameless candle becomes the highlight.


I love tropical plants and flowers.  That’s why my cozy reading corner always features them.  As in years past, I like to illuminate the potted palm with a string of multicolored LEDs. There are many spiritual traditions that use lighted trees to symbolize their holidays, so this tree can mean whatever my guests wish.FF121815c

One final project was needed to finish the living room.  Two small Fenton vases hold green, red, and blue mini-arrangements.  They’re the perfect expressions of what I want to display this December.

mini-moiThe Blue Jay of Happiness includes all people, regardless of belief or non-belief, in his holiday wishes for prosperity and happiness throughout the year.

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