Sigma Males?

“Do you know what a Sigma male is?” My friend Jonathan’s question came out of the blue.

I replied that I’d heard of Sigma people–mostly Sigma males–from a few pop psychology websites and from a few life coach videos. The target audience appears to be young heterosexual men.

Jonathan told me that he fell for a click-bait quiz on Facebook that supposedly determines whether or not you’re a Sigma male. He scrolled through the questions and answered them. After Jonathan clicked for the results, the quiz site said that he is not a Sigma male but could take comfort that he is normal.

The quiz triggered my friend’s curiosity, so he watched a few videos and came away unconvinced that such a category is legitimate. There seems to be a lot of pigeonholing.

I mentioned that I had pretty much come to the same conclusion but my mind is still open to hear more from the legitimate psychologists and academia. There is a lot of buzz around Alpha versus Beta males, but not so much about Gamma versus Omega or Sigma versus Delta males.

Jonathan agreed, saying Alpha male traits have been put on a pedestal and Beta traits are belittled. We’re all supposed to be top dogs in life. But that doesn’t make sense, we’re human beings, not dogs.

I replied that his top dog analogy is relevant because Sigma and Delta males are supposedly “lone wolves”. Sigma males are the “good” ones and Deltas are the “bad” ones. From what the so-called personality experts say, Sigma males are the type to be.

Jonathan laughed at the irony. “Why would an actual lone wolf want to copy some sort of idealized personality definition?”

I agreed. It does seem odd that so many of the self-appointed experts place Sigma males at the top of the social hierarchy pyramid. There also appears to be a lot of disagreement among the experts whether being a Sigma male is an inborn trait or if it is something we can or should learn or strive towards.

My friend said there seems to be a lot of egotism and chauvinistic thinking behind a lot of the social hierarchy discussion. A lot of the talk is about how to seduce women. If not that, they assume that we all want to be like James Dean.

I added that James Dean was a public persona and a Hollywood façade. It’s debatable whether the James Dean we see in movies was the actual, authentic James Byron Dean from Indiana. In fact, if you read about his private life, Dean comes off more like an Alpha male than a Sigma. The Sigma aspect seems to be a publicity tool. That said, I like James Dean’s movies and his character is very appealing.

Jonathan mentioned that the stereotype of the tough motorcycle rider wearing a leather jacket and coming off as indifferent and somehow superior seems like a comic book caricature of what an actual lone wolf is.

Yes, a socially acceptable social outcast. A real Sigma male would probably laugh at such a concept. I think people are much more complex than the archetypes we’re told about. Depending upon the circumstances like time of day and one’s mood, we would score differently on Internet click-bait quizzes on Facebook. I’m skeptical about ranking Alphas versus Betas or Alphas versus Sigmas.

Jonathan said he thinks that a lot of the talk about Sigmas is a way to lure Beta males into self-help seminars.

I laughed and congratulated my friend for his Sigma-like thinking.

The Blue Jay of Happiness quotes the ancient Roman poet Virgil. “It never troubles the wolf how many the sheep may be.”

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2 Responses to Sigma Males?

  1. peakhumanblog says:

    You’ve done a great job sturcturing this post! Also explains the idea of sigmas pretty well, keep it up.

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