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Express Yourself

We’ve heard of people holding back information in order to avoid hurting another person’s feelings or, more seriously, to avoid incriminating oneself. These lies of omission obscure the expression of truth. Lies of omission are a common feature in society, … Continue reading

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Budding Intuition

Sometimes I feel all fidgety but not nervous. When that happens, I pick up a vase and contemplate its shapes, coloration, and material. Frequently, this puts me in the mood to create an arrangement for that particular container. I go … Continue reading

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Such A Messy Desk

Somebody, somewhere once said, “The state of the desk tells a lot about the owner’s mind.” If that is true, I need to do a lot of mental decluttering. Right now, my desk is a combination work-space and comfortable cocoon. … Continue reading

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Pondering Joy

It’s short and sweet. We don’t really need a dictionary to understand the definition of joy because we’ve all felt that beautiful emotional state. Perhaps you felt joy when you’ve achieved a hard-won goal. You might feel this blissful state … Continue reading

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Such Vitality

My great-uncle Ivan liked to say that ideas are useless if you don’t do something with them. He said he had seen only a precious few people who came up with good ideas and followed through with the drive and … Continue reading

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Simple Stoneware …Floral Friday

A couple of the things I like about stoneware art pottery are┬áthat the artisans’ individuality shows through and that it inspires me to express my own individuality. The raw, sturdy nature of this type of pottery looks and feels honest. … Continue reading

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Right Or Left Brained?

It might be true that our personalities and behavior don’t originate from the left or right side of the brain. There were news stories back in August that reported about new discoveries challenging the popular beliefs about right-brain, left-brain personality … Continue reading

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