Not The Sharpest Knives In The Drawer

Sometimes I’ve been puzzled as to the habits and practices of my fellow human beings.  Often times the things people do are simply peculiar.  I’ve known some folks who give names to inanimate objects they own. I don’t know why some people, usually females, name their automobiles.  One of my childhood classmates in high school named her Ford Fairlane “Bertha”.  One of my pals called her Chevy Malibu by the name of Edward.  That was confusing because her brother’s name was also Edward.  So, when she mentioned Edward in conversation, I had to figure out if she was talking about her sibling or her car.

There are folks who give names to their computers.  Many times the name is just a contraction derived from “computer”.  Sometimes I hear reference to “Pooter” or “Peetie” when they’re talking about their laptop.

One practice that I still don’t understand is brushing ones teeth before eating breakfast.  This is a common habit that is often taught to children by their parents.  Frequently, the people who brush before eating, don’t brush after their meal.  If you were taught this, please tell me your experience in the comments box, below.

Something that is more than annoying is the act of marketing products that have not been tested for safety.  Or worse, something that has been shown to be harmful to human health.  This recently came to light with the appearance of exploding watermelons in China.  The chemical growth promoter forchlorbenuron was applied to the melon crops.  One day later a farmer saw 180 watermelons explode.  Forchlorfenuron is routinely applied to melons, grapes and other crops grown in China and the USA.  Scientific research has shown that the chemical has been implicated in human cancers and neurological disorders.

Some folks do things that can cause themselves and others heartbreak.  Even if the obstacles are known ahead of time.  How often do you hear about people having affairs with married people?  Kids having crushes on their teachers is common.  How about girls who develop crushes on gay men?  It’s almost as if people set themselves up for agony.

Political agendas seem to come out of the nether reaches of stupidity.  It’s a no-brainer that society needs to provide the best education for our children in order for us to have an effective democracy.  Education is of primary importance when considering the future of our economic well-being.  Education is the best investment we make for the present and future of our country and most importantly for humanity at large.  So, what do certain special interests and politicians do?  They severely cut funding for education.  Think of the most blatant example, Texas.

It’s almost as if we’re all being told that education is some sort of negative drain on society.  Instead of cutting funding to bloated programs like defense or politicians’ salaries, education is trotted forward for sacrifice.  This makes zero sense to me.  Do you get it?

I’ll just interject my own opinion here.  Until congressional bodies, both statewide and nationally along with governors and our President can fix the economy without doing it on the backs of school kids, senior citizens, the unemployed and the disabled, the politicians cannot collect their paychecks nor any benefits.

It’s within our realistic reach to fix the country.  We just need to adjust our vision and priorities.  We have plenty of smart people who can do this, why don’t we do the right thing?  I just don’t get it.


Maybe it’s because we don’t give much thought and attention to things.  Sometimes we are prone to doing stupid things because we’re not fully present in the present.

I pushed my shopping cart towards the checkouts at the HyVee supermarket a couple of days ago.  Checkout lanes 1 through 6 were busy with people being taken care of.  I noticed that a woman was unloading her cart onto the conveyor belt #8, the light was off, a sign said the lane was closed.  She had completely unloaded her purchases.  She then looked up to where the clerk would be, noticed the lane was closed, then removed her purchases from the conveyor belt and reloaded her shopping cart.  She then got in the line I was using.  Simply amazing!  In Internet lingo, WTF!

It seems like much of the country and the world have disengaged the faculty of reason.  As a society, I think it’s past time we all wake up and smell the coffee.  How about we drink it, too?



The Blue Jay of Happiness quotes an actual tip from page 16 of the *Hewlett Packard Environmental, Health & Safety Handbook for Employees*: “Blink your eyelids periodically to lubricate your eyes.”


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