The United States, and the rest of the World seem to be in a state of suspension about some major issues.  This state of affairs is reflected in many of our individual lives.  Very important decisions and actions urgently need to take place, but, at the same time, the verdicts and implementation of these needs is largely being postponed.  Like an airliner circling the airport in a landing queue, following through must happen sooner or later.

Jorge emailed me a few days ago, sharing with us,  that he has been struggling with his weight-loss issues.  He says that he feels like one of the anonymous people who are used in product testimonial advertisements.  The kind of generic character who proclaims how much they like a product, but you wonder if she has really found results or even actually uses the product.suspend-spider

Like me, Jorge has a stack of old motivational tapes and books.  Even though we’ve used them as directed, there’s been something that keeps us from following through most of the suggestions.  By purchasing the materials, we’ve been buying time or postponing action.  To put it bluntly, a lot of times Jorge and I have been procrastinating.  Yes, there is a raft of media that focuses on procrastination, but we’re done with all of that.

Sometimes it’s beneficial if we can postpone decisions and actions in order to provide ourselves with more time to reflect and fully consider the consequences of taking action.  There is the possibility that the passage of time will present a better or different scenario.  This is not classic procrastination.  This situationis one in which patience is practiced in order to allow new, budding probabilities to arise.  The problem is knowing procrastination from patient waiting.

In the case of addressing global climate change, most of the inaction seems to be due to inertia.  There is certainly the reluctance of the major energy corporations to expand beyond the paradigm of non-renewable energy sources.  At the same time, there is individual inaction because of a lack of money and time for many of us to take independent measures.  Much of the inaction happens because we feel more comfortable waiting in the landing queue.

Just like the problems with global warming or the financial/employment lack. Jorge says that he’s been feeling stuck and restricted in his efforts to lose weight. In as much as he has allowed me to share with my readers, Jorge says his inaction on weight-loss might be a reflection on his feelings of restriction and being caught up by outside circumstances in his life at large.  I mentioned that I also feel the same way, sometimes.

At times, we both feel that we’re self-projecting some sort of ideal “self”.  We want to become someone who we are not.  In reality our wish to become changed men is a projection of who we are.  This is a trick we play upon ourselves.  It’s an illusion that puts us into inner conflict.  We don’t often see that this conflict is a rejection of what is.  In a word, this self-projection is non-acceptance.

As we see our efforts for what they are, we instantly notice a major reason for our state of suspense.  It’s easier to reveal whether our current life situation is fulfilling our desires, is motivating us to move on and take advantage of our experience and knack for getting things done.

If we’re just stuck in a rut, it’s simply time to stop waiting.  If we feel motivated and fulfilled but still antsy, it might be a time to simply be patient.  This is still a tough call, but at least we don’t need to deal with self-projection anymore.

suspend-card00In either case, it’s probably time to investigate the suspension that is happening.  This is when we need to accept and surrender to the present circumstances.  We need to be more open to different experiences and solutions. In the end, this will help end the struggles and the need for control.  It is the openess to new realities that we can untangle our mess.  Do you see how this is true on both the individual and social levels?

When we realize that we’re in a state of suspension, wisdom says it is time to look at ourselves from entirely different perspectives.  This stretch of time can help us recognise what needs real change.  There might be a reversal of our normal way of life and viewing our world from a totally different angle.

When you were a kid, did you ever hang yourself upside down from a tree or lean over backwards from your bed?  Do you remember how novel and exciting everything appeared when you looked around from the reversed position?  The same is true when we turn our beliefs upside down.  When we allow ourselves to suspend our beliefs, we can visualize and understand how other people live and cope.  We can even understand that suspension of beliefs can trigger more acceptance and allow life to go on more smoothly. We can see that we still live in the same World, but we enjoy a different opinion about it.

What about when we feel that we’re willing victims?  Do you know someone who has chosen a path of sacrifice to accomplish a “higher” goal?  We might envision the martyr who puts aside his self-interest and personal needs only for the benefit of someone else.  By utilizing a period of suspension, a person can assess ones life to see if it is in balance or if one is giving up too much to others at the expense of healthy mental well-being.  Is it selflessness or is it martyrdom?

With these questions in mind, individually and socially, are we willing to discard something lesser, in order to achieve the greater good?  Can we invest time, energy, and money in order to reach a more sustainable, realistic, and higher level of being?  If we are honestly devoted to being a better person or people, we will take this period of suspension and use it in the best interests of everyone involved.

We must also realize that the landing queue can only be a temporary place to stay.


The Blue Jay of Happiness hopes we aren’t engaged in wishful thinking. We don’t want to stall until we’re forced into a final decision and unnecessary sacrifice in the process.

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