Inspirational Comprehension

Now and then, intuition or some brain process, flashes a fresh understanding of a word or situation into my mind. I may have only had a rough, dictionary definition of the scenario before the palpable, three-dimensional understanding is instantly revealed. I call these moments, inspirational comprehension. Inspiration-02

I’m sure you sometimes have this happen to you, too. Do you feel the adrenaline rush at the moment you “get it”? There’s a giddy joy that you might feel for only a few moments or much longer.

Inspirational comprehension is a beautiful thing to experience. Sometimes, I feel like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders. Other times, I feel like the fog has cleared from my mind. It’s an uplifting moment when empathy with the world is presented. I automatically smile when this happens.

We are very possessive animals. It’s difficult to let go of our points of view. Regarding certain topics, we can be extremely stubborn. Can you see this and honestly admit it
about yourself?

One way to encourage inspirational comprehension, and thus, happiness in my life, is to periodically take an honest inventory of my beliefs, opinions, and behavior. I customarily do this on my birthday or when someone calls attention to something I said or did. It might be something either hurtful or something that was pleasing.

I’m not the first person to suffer because of numerous skeletons in the closet. They can cause shame and bring on strong feelings of limitation. I noticed that if I look deeply at one “skeleton” at a time, admit it as a fault, and do not try to justify it, I’m on the path to Inspiration-03removing it from my life. When I’m honest and actively make amends, the feeling of freedom is astonishing.

The old patterns of behavior, belief, and hiding hold us back and are psychologically harmful. If you know an LGBT person, or are queer yourself, you may have witnessed inspirational comprehension. Coming out of the closet is sublimely joyful to those of us who have done so. It is this emergence from the darkness of the closet that brings a profound elation, and a major shift in how we deal with ourselves and other people.  Inspirational comprehension of this sort opens up a vast, beautiful world. It’s why we cannot shut up about it.

We have seen that hiding ourselves in a closet presents great unhappiness and difficulty. By emerging from the dark, we understand what works and what doesn’t work. The positive experiences of change and self-acceptance manifest themselves if the coming out process is voluntary. Our approaches to and our perspectives about life change drastically for the better. This is where the rainbow symbolism enters the mental picture. Inspiration-icon1

I bet that Albert Einstein experienced many moments of inspirational comprehension. The joy he must have felt when he formulated the Theory of Relativity had to have been immense. Curiosity and the driving need to understand, likely motivated his works. He was certainly eager to shatter his beliefs about the workings of the world and the Universe.

We don’t need to stumble upon grand, astrophysical theories about the nature of the Universe or come out of the closet as gay to experience wonderful Eureka moments. Inspirational comprehension happens when we’ve used our unbiased intelligence to re-assess situations in our families or at our jobs. The elation comes not merely through emotional euphoria. The comprehension comes about through a deep intellectual understanding about our environment, the people and creatures who share our world, and how we interact with it all.  Inspiration-01

There are moments when we readily cut through the confusion and noise and get to the point. This happens when we are willing to be completely honest with ourselves. If we ask ourselves why we believe one thing and disbelieve another thing, we open ourselves up to real freedom. When we allow ourselves to honestly question our deepest convictions and self-righteousness, we are given the keys to the prison cells we build in our minds. Why resist the jailbreak that awaits?

We can consider the many mysteries that still exist in the world and out in the grand Universe. There are limitless possibilities for inspirational comprehension. When feelings of joy arise from intellectual understanding, eureka moments are not only emotional, they’re rational, too.

moi1986bThe Blue Jay of Happiness knows life is more meaningful when we allow ourselves to let go of old belief systems and patterns of behavior.

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